Welcome to ConnectHealthcare.

What is HIE?

ConnectHealthcare℠ is a Health Information Organization (HIO), an entity which provides health information exchange (HIE) services to provider organizations. Provider organizations may range in complexity from a single physician office or community clinic to an integrated delivery system.

Our Partnership Organizations

Partnership HealthplanIEHIECounty of Sonoma Department of Health ServicesYolo Country HHSRedwood Community Health CoalitionSt. Joseph Health

Napa County HHSANorthBay HealthcareAdventist HealthSHIEC

Why is HIE Important?

Decrease medical risk. Treating patients without access to knowledge of other patient medical care is risky and negligent. Only treatment based on knowledge of other care can provide the correct therapy and medication, avoid unnecessary laboratory tests, and prescribe and treat to meet the true patient need. Well-coordinated care requires only incremental health resources.

The average complex patient is cared for by over 30 physicians. It is inconceivable that a single physician in this orchestra of professionals can provide the best care without knowing what the others are doing for the patient.

Obtain meaningful use incentives. Stage 2 meaningful use incentives under ARRA require that eligible professionals and hospitals demonstrate that they exchange clinical data between disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems for a significant portion of patients.

Breakdown silos of patient data. A real value of HIE is its objective of breaching silos of patient clinical data to make data available timely at the point-of-care. As evidence of this value, paperless hospitals (Level 7 of HIMSS Analytics classification) have proven to provide improved care at lower cost.

Achieve systematic care. As healthcare is transformed to a more accountable discipline, data at every stage can be used to improve systematic processes. Unpredictable, eclectic processes are not subject to such improvement.

Our goal is to enable seamless care and make unconnected care extremely rare.