About Us

Our Mission

To provide seamless health information among providers, facilities and patients to enhance the safety and effectiveness of healthcare across our service area.

Our Vision

All health data in our community is electronic, accurate and consistently coded and is available to every treating provider at the point of care and to the treated patient.

Our Service Area

The North Bay combines agricultural (especially wine-growing), local commercial and commuting populations. Of the 1.2 million people in the four counties, some 25% receive healthcare through Medi-Cal and 15% through Medicare.

ConnectHealthcare Service Area

ConnectHealthcare Service Area


The principal functions of ConnectHealthcare are the following:

  1. Community HIE plan. Periodically update a community plan for integrated HIE.

  2. Contract for services. ConnectHealthcare has contracted with Inland Empire HIE, a regional provider of HIE services. This arrangement allows ConnectHealthcare to provide connectivity consistent with that of the other regional California HIEs and HIOs.

  3. Privacy and security. Assure patient privacy and security are protected.

  4. Sustainable approach. The HIE has been designed to be sustainable absent grant funds.

Implement and Support HIE Services

ConnectHealthcare has the following services implemented or in the implementation process:

Partnership HealthPlan of CaliforniaEligibility Files, All 4 CountiesLive: February 5, 2016
St. Joseph Health ADTs, 3 Hospitals and Heritage Medical GroupLive: March 9, 2016
NorthBay HealthcareADTs, 2 Hospitals followed by Foundation Medical GroupMoving from Test to Stage
Adventist Health ADTs, 2 Hospitals followed by Foundation Medical GroupNear Startup
Redwood Community Health Coalition 7 FQHC Clinic SystemsNear Startup
Napa County Health & Human Services AgencyWork toward EMS Connection
ADTs Scheduled
Yolo County Health & Human Services AgencyADTs Scheduled