Organization and Governance

ConnectHealthcare℠ is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation governed by a community board. The board is drawn from participating organizations in the HIE and is structured to allow representation by organization type. As more entities are added, we will consider professional experience of the board members as an additional dimension. The initial board includes the following founding constituencies:

Hospital Systems
Medical Societies
Departments of Health and Human Services including Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse
Community and Rural Health Clinic Systems
A Medi-Cal Health Plan

A number of additional constituencies will be represented in the HIO’s governance in due course. One of the growth needs will be planning for rotating representation of these constituencies to maintain reasonable board size.

Contact Us
For further information, contact Lyman Dennis, Executive Director, or 707-863-0130.

Board members may access board agendas and minutes of meeting by clicking here.

Board members may access Privacy and Security Documents by clicking here.

Board of Directors

The members of the board of directors of ConnectHealthcare are listed below.
Board Chair, ConnectHealthcare
Partnership HealthPlan of California
Robert Moore, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer

"Health Information Exchange is a key pre-requisite for achieving world-class quality in a health system."

Treasurer, ConnectHealthcare
Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency
John Buzolich, MBA
Fiscal Administrative Officer

“Working in finance for county government we are very focused on being transparent with the residents of our community and achieving the greatest benefit possible with the limited resources available. We are excited to continue working towards health information exchange in the community to improve the sharing of information, increase the quality of care delivered to our clients, and potentially gain increased efficiency in our operations.”

Hospital Council of Northern and Central California
T Abraham
Regional Vice President

“An unprecedented level of collaboration in healthcare has become a must-have for improving access and patient care while, at the same time, lowering costs. HIEs are vital for making that collaboration possible.”

Adventist Health
Steven Herber, MD
President and CEO, St. Helena Hospital Region
Steven Herber, MD
Community Medical Centers
Art Feagles
Chief Financial Officer / CIO
Art Feagles
Solano & Napa County Medical Societies
Donald Hitchcock, MD
Medical Director, Physician Advisor

“HIE is a critical need to provide seamless care to an increasingly mobile population avoiding expensive and potentially dangerous duplication or omission of important services.”

Don Hitchcock, MD
Sonoma County Department of Health Services
Tanya Narath, MBA
Department of Information Systems Manager

“It is becoming the standard of care that providers have the access to history of patient allergies, medications, lab reports and treatments in order to wisely deal with new acute episodes of care and continuing chronic conditions.”

Redwood Community Health Coalition
Danielle Oryn, DO
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Danielle Oryn
Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Morgan Jolley, MHA
Northern California Regional Director, Market Development & Regional Services
Morgan Jolley, MHA

The ability to access and utilize patient information seamlessly across multiple healthcare entities is fundamental to providing safe and high quality care. HIEs have bridged the informational gap, which prior was a detriment to patient care.

NorthBay Healthcare
Chris Timbers
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

"Healthcare should be more about the patient than the provider. While we as the healthcare provider, may own the software that runs our electronic health records, the data should be viewed as the patient’s. To that end, we need to improve as an industry in sharing that data as our patients seek care across the healthcare continuum. Health Information Exchanges will enable this and will be critical to our success in coordinating care in our communities."

Secretary, ConnectHealthcare
Napa County Health and Human Services Agency
Mitch Wippern
Deputy Director - Operations

“Health Information Exchange is the key in providing coordinated care to our client population. Coordinated care, in turn, is the key to better health outcomes.”

Mitch Wippern
Lyman Dennis, MBA, PhD
Executive Director

“Our vision is to furnish seamless health information to treating providers.”