Levels of Service

ConnectHealthcare Levels of Service

Community HIE
Organizations that participate in the Community HIE have access to the Orion Clinical Portal and the IEHIE clinical data repository. Data contributed by community HIE members is stored in the clinical data repository and is readily available to the contracted providers.
• Your Stage 2 or 3 meaningful use certified EHR can be interfaced with Orion to transfer data into and out of the EHR.
• You have 24/7 access to the data provided by other community exchange participants.
• You can access certain data from connector participants (see below).
• Other HIO participants can access data you have provided to the repository 24/7.
• Care coordination among providers is facilitated.

Connector HIE
The three participating hospital systems, Adventist Health, NorthBay Healthcare and St Joseph Health, each have enterprise HIEs as does Redwood Community Health Coalition. The model they use is HIE-to-HIE data exchange. Thus, there are five HIEs involved: Adventist Healthcare, NorthBay Healthcare, St Joseph Health, Redwood Community Health Coalition and ConnectHealthcare. These HIEs will send ADTs, ORUs (lab results), RDEs (medications) and, likely, CCDA files to the clinical data repository. There may be some variation from this general statement, but this is the general plan. The expectation is that each enterprise HIE will populate the clinical data repository and the clinical data repository will populate the enterprise HIEs for the patients served by each enterprise.

Direct Secure Messaging
The third mode of data exchange is Direct. This allows the sending of push messages from point to point. See the discussion of Direct for more detail.

Direct Secure Messaging

ConnectHealthcare offers Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) to its participants and affiliated clinical staff. Direct is a secure email service for health care providers, clinicians and staff, including hospitals, medical groups, behavioral health programs, labs, pharmacies and ancillary services, to securely share patient information when and where it is needed to provide informed patient care. There are a number of ways that Direct messaging can be used by health care providers for coordination of care.

Direct Secure Messaging
• Transmit referrals and care summaries, including CCDs/CCDAs.
• Communicate with care team members among organizations.
• Send of patient hospital admission, discharge, and transfer to providers caring for that patient.
• Use in lieu of faxing.
• Send Protected Health Information (PHI) securely.
• Send healthcare records to a patient’s personal health record (PHR) such as NoMoreClipboard or HealthVault.
Direct Secure Messaging, a product of Orion Health, is fully HIPAA-compliant and is DirectTrust EHNAC DTAAP HISP Accredited. DirectTrust Accreditated

Ready to get started?
Health care clinicians associated with a ConnectHealthcare participating organization who are interested in trying out this service, please visit the Registration section below.

Direct Registration Process

Registering for Direct Secure Messaging is quick and easy.

Step 1: Send a list of staff for Direct addresses. Please list the following: Name of each person for whom a Direct address is desired, the name, telephone number and email address of the submitter, and the ConnectHealthcare participant organization with which you are associated. Providers affiliated with participant organizations pay only $10 per month, billed annually in advance.

Step 2: Receive Welcome Email. We will send you a welcome email confirming your eligibility status and a Registration Form.

Step 3: Register. Each person on your Direct address list will fill out a Registration Form and have it notarized (instructions are contained within the document). Then email and mail the original notarized form to:

Anna Cleland, Re: Direct Secure Mail
21 Willotta Drive
Fairfield, CA 94534-1447

Step 4: Begin using your Direct Accounts. ConnectHealthcare will send a Service Agreement, a Use Policy, and a Quote. Once approved by your organization, we will provision your Direct accounts. Users will be invited via email to compete the process. Accounts are made active and users can begin exchanging secure Direct messages.

Contact Anna Cleland, Implementation Manager